1. Moldauisches Dorf Un sat în Moldova
  2. Rückansicht der Büste 'Mihai Eminescu' im Stefan Cel Mare Park in Chisinau Bust în parcul Ştefan cel Mare din Chişinău
  3. Stefan cel Mare Denkmal Monumentul lui Ştefan cel Mare
Moldauisches Dorf

Un sat în Moldova

Rückansicht der Büste 'Mihai Eminescu' im Stefan Cel Mare Park in Chisinau

Bust în parcul Ştefan cel Mare din Chişinău

Stefan cel Mare Denkmal

Monumentul lui Ştefan cel Mare

Orarul de activitate începând cu 1 ianuarie 2018

Începând cu 01.01.2018 este valabil următorul orar de activitate al secţiei juridică şi consulară inclusive al secţiei viză a Ambasadei

Training - Made in Germany

Strengthening vocational training and education, creating perspectives - the German dual system

Many countries are interested in the German Vocational Education and Training (VET) system. The below film presents the diverse range of VET cooperation activities of the German Federal Government. It explains the objective of the German Federal Government and presents several of its projects in partner countries.

…For example the Republic of Moldova:

This small country at the Eastern border of the European Union has become a popular target for investors thanks to its short distance to the EU member states, low salaries and favorable tax conditions for manufacturing. Nonetheless, relatively few new jobs are being created in Moldova. Potential international but also local investors face considerable lack of young skilled workers – one of the reasons is the high work migration of Moldovans to other countries: Many look for a reasonable job outside of their country. As a consequence, there is an insufficient number of skilled workers, especially for those professions which are currently on high demand. This is the main reason why, since 2015,  the Federal Republic of Germany has been supporting the Republic of Moldova to introduce and implement the German dual Vocational Education and Training system (VET) in the framework of its bilateral economic cooperation with the project “Structural Reform of the educational system”. The main goal of this project is to improve the educational and institutional framework for the implementation of demand oriented, dual vocational education and training. Already with success! So far, about 50 companies in the Republic of Moldova have participated to train skilled workers for their own demand, but also for the overall demand of the Moldovan labor market. Naturally, German investors have joined in these efforts, and in cooperation with local colleges, the German dual system has been successfully introduced in Bălți, Căuşeni and Orhei.

Deutsche Welle Akademie: Master‘s Program "International Media Studies"

Call for Applications

Applications for the 10th intake of the bilingual Master’s Program "International Media Studies" will be accepted until 31st March 2018.

Successful applicants need to provide proof of advanced language skills in both German and English. They must have a bachelor’s degree or an equivalent qualification as well as at least one year of professional experience in a media-related field after having obtained their first academic title.

Exceptionally qualified students from developing and countries in transition can apply for a limited number of full scholarships (covering the tuition fees of 6,000 EUR, monthly payment of 750 EUR and refund of travel costs).

So tickt Deutschland

Experience Germany

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Ambasadorul dr. Julia Monar

Botschafterin Dr. Julia Monar

Dr. Julia Monar este, începând cu 25.08.2017, Ambasador al Republicii Federale Germania în Republica Moldova.


Ambasada Republicii Federale Germania, inclusiv Secţia vize şi consulară, este situată pe str. Alexei Mateevici 82.